Wellness Curricula


A Wellness Menu of our Most Popular Programs for Local and Visiting School Programs

Locally offered in a variety of formats ranging from once a month to 12- week courses. For visiting schools, offered as introductory one-off’s, woven throughout program, or offered as intensives in a retreat experience.

Mindfulness-based Substance Abuse Treatment:
A 12-week course exploring the context and culture of substance abuse; along with healthy alternatives for responding to stress instead of reacting to it. Participants are awarded a certificate for use in the legal system.

Mindfulness-based Substance Abuse Education:
A customized, short Intro Series to some of MBSAT’S best practices. Practical tools for relaxing, letting go of stressors and conflicts, increasing self-knowledge, and boosting feelings of well-being.

Polishing the Lens of Observation:
“Ojos que no ve, corazon que no siente.” Translation: “Eyes that don’t See, heart that doesn’t feel.” An embodied approach to SEEING, critical thinking skills, and opening intuition

Core Gift Interviews:
Identify your values and personal gifts for the world, and how you will offer them; in a vision/mission process.

Yoga, Mindfulness, and Sound Healing:
Reduce Stress, Cultivate Ease, Clarify your aspirations. Peak Performance training.

From Roots to Fruit: Life Lessons from a Tree:
Studying tree rings supports personal life story understanding. What supports me, who am I at my core, what am I reaching for?

Impulse Control/Anger Management:
Techniques for interrupting reactions and triggers; to promote response and skillful communication.

Nature Reflections:
“Meadow-tating” and nature journaling practices, informed by Joseph Cornell, and John Muir Laws.

Nature Inspirations:
A deeply moving, fun, and safe, group process for sharing the nature experiences that have most vividly impacted you; and how they can be integrated as teachings and stepping stones in your life.

Being your Best Self:
Goals, priorities, & finding time.

Community Drum Circles:
Team-building, powerful personal insights, and self-discovery.

Being Visionary:
A supported Nature Immersion into solo sit/ reflection; using silence, Native American practices, and nature perceptual techniques– to inform a group and personal process on becoming a visionary.

Upgrading a Habit:
Current brain science to boost happy brain chemicals, rewire pathways, and reduce the negativity bias.

Personal Wellness Plans:
What can nature teach us? A group and dydactic process for setting personal wellness goals.

Taking Nature Home with You:
A customized plan for staying connected; implementing change, and being a steward of Nature. Direct Action informed.

Creating All-School Culture:
Intentional, participatory dialogue around culture setting for schools looking for a brighter North Star. Group Agreements, Values, and Restorative Justice Practices.

Poetry in MOTION:
Martial Arts movements, Mind-Body Awareness, and the powerful voices of Latino poets engage students in creating a common language around their seemingly isolated experiences in relationships, education, workforce, and the legal system.

Men’s Group / Women’s Group:
Support, Inquiry, Personal Reflections and Expressions. Meaning-making, self-care, and community / family relationships. How do young men and women navigate this in today’s world? NVC communication skills, identifying needs and values, and best practices for staying centered, balanced and whole.

The Rock Climbing Experience:
Neurons that fire together, wire together. Combining expert team-building and risk taking activities with Rock Climbing fosters Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Builds healing and resilience in a nervous system over-coming trauma. A catalyst for group bonding and igniting passions for outdoor adventure.

Re-Enchanting Self-Care:
With the extraordinary challenges in our world today, we need to re-think and upgrade our model for Self-Care. These solutions integrate, clarify, and connect us with personal healing, our visions for our own lives; and with positive solutions for our world.