Relationships. Dynamics. Patterns. Context. Skillful Communication.

Needs. Values. Mind-Body Awareness. Gifts. Self-Care.

Empathy. Compassion. Becoming. Tools and Practices.

We offer Wellness Curricula in a variety of fun, customized programming tailored to meet your goals, needs, and challenges.

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Wellness Programs in Six Domains


Customized, in the field, wellness programming; integrated with the curricula goals for each group. Tools, practices, and experiences to maximize and potentize experiential learning. Durations range from once to daily. Learn More


Mostly in the classroom, specialization in Alternative Education Schools for high-need youth. Also serving local juvenile detention facilities / court ordered program or treatment needs. Durations range from one to twelve weeks. Learn More

Addiction Recovery Programs

Powerful programs for inspiring youth to make choices they will not regret. Best practices from the fields of mindfulness, psychotherapy, addiction treatment, and dynamic classroom education. Learn More

After School Wellness Center

An attractive, safe, and comfortable space for youth to stop in, grab a smoothie or cup of tea, hang out; and get caring support / inspiration for challenges, difficult emotional or mental states, and tools for healthy living. Learn More

Whole Hearts, Minds & Bodies

Our One-on-One, Therapeutic Mentoring & Clinical Service Program. A Game Changing Innovation in the field of Youth Mental Health. Learn More

Faculty / Staff Training

Available by request. A “heal the healers” support, specific modality training, or executive adventure-learning retreat. Offered in key-note, work-shop, retreat, or on-going formats.

Wellness Programs Three Formats

One time support: Available as a one-off, stand alone class, day, or private session.
Short term support: Available for One-on-One, small group, or whole school programs.
Long term support: One-on-One support, available through our “Whole Hearts, Minds & Bodies” program.

Click Here for A Menu Of Our Most Popular Programming

Wellness Programming Contacts:
Whole Hearts, Minds, & Bodies: Daniel Clements, WHMB Director; daniel@sierraexperience.org
For local schools: Nancy Minges, Wellness Program Director; nancy@Sierraexperience.org
For visiting schools: James DePew, School Programs Director, james@sierraexperience.org.