Therapeutic Mentorship

Therapeutic Mentorship

Meaning Making through authentic relationship, supported outdoor peak experience and community engagement with a clinically supervised supportive non-parental adult. Participate in 1-on-1 weekly nature-based rehabilitative sessions with a mentor who meets you where you are at.

Our Approach

We view our role as supporting our mentees in falling in love with their inner process, and exploring ways to be in relationship with all there is.  Using Nature as a guide, a metaphor, and often the literal playground; we support our participants in creating new and intentional pathways.

Each individual is unique, gifted and whole; as we lean into this truth we can live a purposeful life and become passionate members of our communities.  Our mentors aim to facilitate this process through encouraging the emerging discoveries of self and nature.

Through a mentoring relationship we create the circumstances for youth to deeply connect to a caring adult role model. This relationship serves as the foundation for our participants to explore their lives with new eyes and discover the unique gifts that they have to offer their world. We have found that through this process of being witnessed and heard, participants can develop greater resilience and move through life’s challenges.

Program Structure

For: Ages 5-23
How: Weekly two to four hour 1-on-1 sessions with a monthly opportunity to participate in group therapy with a Certified Therapeutic Recreational Specialist
Where: Our Mentors will arrange to pick you up wherever you are! Most sessions will take place outside in nature or community however our mentors will always assess needs and wants of the mentee before setting out.

Fee for Service

Gateway seeks compensation for services when appropriate however much of our caseload are under resourced youth. Through gracious funding from Tahoe Forest Hospital, Tahoe-Truckee Community Foundation, Placer County, Nevada County, and other charitable community members we are able to ensure flexibility and worry free access to our program.

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For more information contact about our programs, please contact our Local Area Program Manager: Shelby Singer

Para obtener más información sobre nuestros programas, comuníquese con nuestro Gerente de Casos Latinx de Área Local:Jair Hernandez