The Life Force

The Life Force

By Peter Mayfield, Founder/Executive Director

Reflecting on Gateway’s work, I’m very aware of the power of the life force. The force that drives toads to mate and lay their eggs in the most advantageous location, the force that makes flowers bloom even more abundantly with the stress of drought, the force that drives healing after injury, the force that allows joy to erupt, even in a youth who has been traumatized, the force that drives that youth to reach out to help the younger one in need.
Our work at Gateway is wide ranging. Some people find this range hard to grasp, but to us, it’s all one thread. We work as guides, teachers, and therapeutic mentors, to help youth connect to nature, to themselves and their own internal and external resources, and to community. Simply put, we facilitate access to the life force.
I’m SO grateful I get to do this work: collaborating with incredible people to provide the innovation, energy, and service that is so needed to improve education, wellness, and resiliency for today’s young people. We are honored to “be a part of the change” we need to see in eco-literacy, education, and preparing youth to be stewards of themselves, their families, and our world.
Gateway Mountain Center is where youth of all backgrounds learn, heal, and thrive.


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