Well-rounded Program

Social and Emotional Learning Graphic

Social and Emotional Learning Graphic

Social and Emotional Learning Graphic

In addition to science academics, our programs offer games, team-building, group challenges, reflection and mindfulness activities, nature journaling, art, take-home exercises for personal empowerment, evening programs with campfires, student skits, dance, music, yoga and environmental films. Using the Science of Awe and Systems Thinking, students connect the dots between the personal and the universal. Each student will return home with a deeper sense of relationship with the natural world, and how this can inform their personal choices, health and well-being–both in school and in their lives. To learn more about SEL click here.

Cost of Program:

Cost of the program is $125 per person, per day (plus tax on meals): includes lodging, three meals per day, guide and educational services. The average program is 3-4 days. Scholarships are available.


Our staff: leading research scientists, credentialed and advanced degree teachers, gifted naturalists, world-class mountaineers, and local ecologists. Gateway Mountain Center has been providing quality outdoor educational programs for schools throughout Northern California for over ten years.


Students stay at the Sierra Club’s historic Clair Tappaan Lodge. Ideal for school groups; with plenty of places for gathering and a huge backyard with a campfire pit. Accommodation options include: bunk-style group rooms, large single-gender dorms and smaller private rooms. Hearty family-style breakfasts and dinners are prepared daily by professional chefs. Students prepare their own sack lunches each day and contribute to the Sierra Club’s culture of volunteerism by helping with meal chores. Learn more.