Gateway Mountain Center is where youth of all backgrounds Learn, Heal and Thrive. We foster a sense of wonder, connection and inquiry.  With spirited, adventure-learning we help youth transform their self-awareness through connections with self, nature and community.

Core Values

Connection heals.  We look for ways to strengthen connections in mind and body, ignite passions, and engage the joy of discovery.  As systems thinkers, we understand that connecting with the Life Force heals, inspires, and teaches.

Disconnect is the problem.  Connection is the solution.  

Eco-literacy. Scientific Inquiry. Mind-Body-Awareness. 

Adventure-Learning. Interdisciplinary. Holistic.

Humanistic. Integrated. Informed. Inspired.

Theoretical Basis for Change: Interdisciplinary approach.  Integrated.  Informed by and Best Practices from leading thinking in science, education, environmental literacy and flow-state psychology. Learn more.

The Gateway Method for Growing a Human: Through years of successes we’ve discovered key principles for thriving. Learn more.