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Gateway Mountain Center About Us

About Us

Disconnect is the problem.  Connection is the solution.  

Eco-literacy.      Scientific Inquiry.       Mind -Body Awareness.  

Adventure-Learning. Interdisciplinary.     Holistic.    

 Humanistic.     Integrated.     Informed.     Inspired.

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Gateway Mountain Center is where youth of all backgrounds Learn, Heal and Thrive. We foster a sense of wonder, connection and inquiry.  With spirited, adventure-learning we help youth transform their self-awareness through connections with self, nature and community.

Core Values

Connection heals.  We look for ways to strengthen connections in mind and body, ignite passions, and engage the joy of discovery.  As systems thinkers, we understand that connecting with the Life Force heals, inspires, and teaches.

Theoretical Basis for Change

Interdisciplinary approach.  Integrated.  Informed by and Best Practices from leading thinking. Learn more.

The Gateway Method for Growing a Human

Through years of successes we’ve discovered key principles for thriving. Learn more.

Theoretical Basis for Change

Interdisciplinary approach. Integrated. Informed by and Best Practices from: CASEL (SEL), Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), STEM principles, Environmental Literacy, Systems Theory, Deep Ecology, Mindfulness, Self-Determination Theory, Social Learning Theory, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT); Trauma-Informed Somatic Experiencing, ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) informed, Flow State Learning, Neuro-Science, NVC reconciliations for difficult conversations, Restorative Justice, and Humanistic Psychology.

The Gateway Method: 4 Roots for Growing a Human.

We see Dis-connect as the root of most of the challenges we face today. Through years of successes we’ve discovered key principles for thriving. Our relational perspective identifies Four Roots for Healing Dis-connect. We call this “Growing a Human”.

1. Authentic Relationship – We invest heavily in building rapport and authentic relationship with every youth we serve. Our main goal is to build the container for youth to become more self-aware. Whether it’s used for personal healing, or for establishing the basis for scientific inquiries into the Natural world, developing a strong sense of self-awareness supports all understanding.

2. Nature – Nature immersions in both beauty and risk, provide powerful opportunities to develop focused, grounded, and open states. Experiencing the many facets of the life force is healing, instructive, and provides insightful metaphors for re-writing self-narratives, and future stories for our beautiful, big blue planet.

3. Embodied Peak Experience – Vivid, impactful, present moment flow states, brought about by the intensity of physical, emotional, or perceptual sensations in nature inform our nervous systems. Growth and healing comes from getting good at “changing channels”: from the stimulation of challenge faced and met, from tightly focused attention to expansive awareness, stress and relaxation, and from activated flight or fight, to soothe and settle. Holistic, integrated learning. Developing powerful observation and Inquiry skills.

4. Helping Others – Research shows that people who thrive, including those who succeed in long-term recovery from traumatic events or substance use issues, are those who help others. Serving others, the community, or our environment develops empathy, compassion, and the empowered ability to make a difference. This is possibly the most important root for connection.


Mindfulness is the Soil these roots grow in. Mindfulness is defined as non-judgemental, present moment awareness, of what is happening now; physically, emotionally, and environmentally.